Lulworth set @Sense

Lulworth set comes with vanity table (4Li), ottoman (2Li, 19 animations) and decorative makeup clutter +HUD for customization – 3 wood presets, 4 metal presets, mix&match options for different parts of wood and tinting options Available @Sense event until March,8 Full size preview rezzed @event spot TP to Sense

Lanrene @Cosmopolitan

New exclusive set comes with bed (13Li), canopy (5Li) and HUD for customization: 2 styles for metal parts, 5 presets (textures) for blanket + unlimited colours for sheet, pillows, blanket and canopy via tinting hud 10 solo (sit/lay/read/phone) and 20 couples (cuddle/kiss/chat/massage/sleep) animations! TP to Cosmo