I’m Keira or KeiraLans Resident in Second Life, i’m in my mid twenties irl and about 3 years old in SL. I’m from Eastern Europe, my timezone is SLT+11 but you can reach me online in various timing. I like creating stuff for SL, building and decorating my sim and discovering new places!

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or you just want to chat – feel free to IM me, i don’t bite!


My store

Moving on from selling skins and clothing made of fullperm temlates i decided to rebrand my shop with a new name, style and strategy. At Raindale i sell original designs, the stuff that i’d like to buy and use myself, so there is and there will be variety of items such as clothing, makeup, eyes, accesories and of course home&garden designs as my personal huge addiction!


My products

All the items i sell are original designs created by me. I don’t use fullperm templates, textures or poses. Some of the animations in my furniture are legally purchased fullperm, but my newest designs come with my own original animations.



Did you accidentally loose or broke your purchase? Failed delivery? Try to use redelivery terminal at mainstore – just click redelivery board and follow the link.

Redelivery works both for inworld and marketplace purchases!

If your purchase is not on the list but you paid for it – send me (KeiraLans Resident) a notecard with transaction history (can be found here).



You can use “gift” option on any inworld vendor or use “add to cart as a gift” on marketplace page. There are no gift cards available yet.


Langly customer service

All of my old products except free eyeliners are moved away forever. I still perform customer service for Langly products, but only for the stuff that was included in original purchase (for example: i can fix broken applier but i’m not gonna make a new one for new heads or bodies). That stuff is really outdated and i don’t want to go back to it.