Happily After @Enchantment

happily ever ad 2500.png

My new gacha set made fore “Snow White” round of Enchantment!


There are 9 commons and 1 rare prize, everything is no-copy, modify+, transfer+ (some objects show as no-mod due to the scripts inside)

All prizes are materials enabled (you need to turn on Advanced lighting model in you graphic settings)

Rare Gazebo (2 versions included in 1 prize- light and dark one) – 16Li each


1,2 Bird baths (dark and light – separate prizes) – 1Li each with animated floating dust in the water
3. Apples and lights (3 types – red, golden and green included in each prize, 4Li each)
4,5 – Tables and apples (dark table with red apples and light one with golden – 2 separate prizes) – tables 1Li each, apples – 2Li, come as unlinked group
6. Mirror – deco only, 1Li
7. Tea set – 2Li, gives cup of tea on touch, access set through “owner” menu on touch
8,9 Benches (dark set and light set are separate prizes, each one includes 2 benches – straight and curved) – each bench comes with 8 couples and 14 singles animations, land impact=2)

TP to Enchantment

Full-size demo scene rezzed @mainstore


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