Autumn’s eve for Raise the Roof 2 hunt

autumn's eve vendor full size

Autumn’s eve is cozy outdoor set, a little hideout to spend September nights with your family and friends, or just to sit by your own with a nice book :3

Here we have:

~ Pavilion (with and without lights) – 6-9Li

~ Garden table and chairs (with 8 custom animations and props – coffee, book, newspaper) – 1Li each

~ Mesh autumn cover (leaves) – 1Li

~ Prim autumn cover (in case you need one, but the mesh version can be scaled quite big without changing it’s weight)

~ Complete set (grouped, unlinked) – 16Li – i added few accessories  – books and coffee – to decorate the table

Everything is copy and mod, made of original mesh; land impact may change when you scale, link or unlink the objects!

It will only be available until September,30! It’s 2L$ hunt


Check Gossip events blog for surls and hints!


Hunt gift is hidden at my mainstore island – but as soon as you find it, you are very welcome to browse the whole sim!I rebuilded Fairy Tale with the new cafe and many photogenic spots for you to explore!




Happy hunting everyone!


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